Impact Santé+ offers not only personalized and tailor-made services, but above all, quality health and emergency care.

Our teams of first responders are composed of experts in emergency medical services, sports therapists, physiotherapists, paramedics, lifeguards, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, physicians, family emergency physicians and instructors in emergency care for professional interventions that are perfectly suited to any situation.

This assortment of experts is the pride of our organization as it positions us as a leader in the event-based medical services industry. Not only have each of our staff received advanced medical training in their respective fields, they also share a commitment, and for many, an oath, to insure the safety and well-being of the public. In addition, all our clinical protocols are written and approved by our expert medical consultant and emergency physician.

In addition to their respective training and experiences, each member of our medical teams receives more than a dozen courses each year as part of our continuing education program. Each of our classes are tailored to the specific area of ​​expertise of each specialist and ensures that the care provided strictly adheres to the latest standards of the medical industry. Another clear advantage of choosing Impact Santé+.

Our coordination teams as well as our field teams are composed solely of professional medical responders, a unique distinction in the industry.

Impact Santé+, has also been a school in emergency care for students of all levels for more than 20 years. As a national education partner of the Canadian Red Cross, the company has trained tens of thousands of rescuers in private groups, in the workplace and in hospitals. Each year, leading companies such as Bell, CN, Air Canada, Radio-Canada, Molson-Coors, St. Lawrence Seaway and several CISSS and CIUSSS rely on Impact Santé+ for a wide variety of medical certifications. These services are offered in three training centers located in Montreal, Saint-Hubert (Longueuil) and Laval. They are also available on the go, everywhere in Quebec.

As a National Red Cross partner, the fundamentals of this internationally recognized organization are at the heart of our business; impartiality, unity, universality, neutrality, independence, humanity, and volunteering. Therefore, all staff of Impact Santé+ share the following values.

  • EXCELLENCE of our care and our interventions.
  • the RESPECT of methodologies, protocols, colleagues, patients, the environment and the values ​​of the company.
  • MUTUAL AID between all members of the team.
  • RIGOR, give the best of oneself for the advancement of the team and the safety of the most vulnerable people.
  • PASSION, keep and transmit our passion for emergency care.

These values ​​guarantee to the promoters and organizers of sporting, musical, cultural and other events, the best possible services.

Our pledge to you is to ensure the safety of your employees, volunteers, participants, festival-goers and visitors, thanks to our experienced, rigorous, competent, efficient, humanistic and altruistic team of professionals. It is our privilege to continue to offer the best, day after day, to a growing number of clients across Quebec and Ontario.