The role of health workers during an organized event

The presence of health workers is always essential when you organize an event in order to be able to act or react as quickly as possible in the event of an accident. They must have the necessary skills to administer first aid and prescribe the necessary treatments to increase the chances of patient survival.

The main role of health workers at an organized event

No one is ever safe from an accident and the risks are even higher during an event where tens, hundreds or even thousands of people are present. Injuries following a fall, discomfort of any kind or even serious illness can occur.

In these cases, the rapid intervention of competent health professionals is essential in order to increase the chances of survival of the victim. This is precisely the role of health workers. In other words, the latter examine the patient and administer the appropriate care or treatment so that he can resume his activity. They can also prescribe him a rest or even organize his transfer to a hospital if necessary.


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Teams of competent health workers at Impact Santé+

We provide you with teams of health responders made up of several professionals such as emergency physicians, family doctors, nurses, lifeguards, paramedic ambulance technicians or sports therapists to cover the events you organize.

These workers can be called upon, regardless of the severity of the case, that is to say from small scratches to more complex conditions. We also take care of transfers to appropriate care facilities if necessary.

Why should you choose us?

All the health workers who make up our teams have received quality medical training in their field to ensure the effectiveness of the care they provide. Also, we apply protocols established and approved by an experienced emergency physician. In addition, we provide you with a tailor-made service, adapted to the scale of the event, the size of your organization and your budget.

When you call on us, we put you in touch with a project manager so that you can assess the situation together. Based on his analysis, he will then offer you the appropriate solution to guarantee complete coverage of the event as well as the safety of the participants. Depending on the options you have chosen, we can also set up a mobile clinic on site, provide you with intra-event vehicles or even bicycle or foot patrollers.


We are among the leaders in the event medical services sector in Quebec and we have already covered a wide range of events, including the Tour de l’île de Montréal, the Triathlon Esprit de Montréal and the Petite Aventure Desjardins . You will find the list of our achievements on our website.

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