Whichever medical coverage you choose, your event will be covered by a team of experts who all work with the same level of professionalism, a core value in our industry. You will appreciate our punctuality, our organizational skills, our logistical efficiency and the unflinching dedication of our staff.

Not only do we offer an autonomous and versatile service, we also fully integrate with the existing production team of each event. Our field workers coordinate with the local security teams and emergency services. Both in terms of overall communication with the public as with the on-site visual signage that we use, we make every effort so that our work blends seamlessly with the operations of each organization.


Risk assessment before an event and interventions reports after.


The setup of an on-site mobile clinic with tables, chairs, beds and base medical equipment.


On site transportation (ATV, Vehicle, Motorcycle or Carts).


Patrollers on foot or by bike.


One defibrillator for each intervention team.


Stretchers and specialized equipment for patient transportation.


Complete medical kits for each intervention team.


Planning and coordination of the on-site medical care.

On site, nothing is left to chance. Not only is our public image important from a corporate standpoint, it’s also paramount to ensures a safe, comforting and trustworthy environment for participants, festival-goers and other guests at your sporting or cultural gathering. A clear visual signage system helps consolidate this sense of security, by allowing anyone requiring care to quickly find an emergency staff member or a mobile clinic at each site. Employees may wear clothing provided by the event production or our company’s own outfits.

Our installations, our vehicles and our specialized tools allow our teams to ensure the effectiveness and swiftness of their response on-site, which is at the core of our commitment to our clients. Depending on the services chosen and the needs of the organizers, we set up on-site mobile clinics under tents, with tables, chairs, beds and base medical equipment.

This allows us to provide broader coverage and faster interventions to effectively respond to any type of situation. Our staff also have access to a great variety of vehicles, ensuring their mobility on any type of terrain, whatever the size. Stretchers, carts, all-terrain vehicles with emergency trailers, bicycles and cars are all part of the fleet of Impact Santé+ and are available upon request.

To sum it up, we offer a complete customizable service to our customers, as well as a versatile logistic support provided by our on-site coordinators, to ensure smooth communication with the organizers.

For a complete and adequate coverage, each response team is equipped with first aid kits, complete medicine kits and automated external defibrillators, a distinction in the industry.

We know that as an event organizer, the well-being of festival goers and visitors is your top priority, both morally and legally. Whether your event is taking place in Montreal, Quebec, the South Shore or the North Shore, municipalities will often require you to have a dedicated first aid team on site, as well as a clear medical action plan. Heat stroke, injuries, alcohol or drug related issues are unfortunately common byproducts of festive gatherings. Impact Santé+ therefore offers key services so that all these possible health-related incidents are quickly taken care of.

In the same way, a culinary festival entails its own set of risks such as burns, cuts or sprains. Our team of specialists is able to quickly offer care adapted to all types of injuries.

From the medical intervention to the redaction of an incident report which will protect the organizers in case of legal recourse, all the steps are covered by our team. Whether it’s for patient’s management, appropriate care selection and application, coordination with emergency medical services for physical transfer to a hospital if such is needed, our professional staff is able to provide all encompassing packages that are part of our turnkey solutions.